Theo Gevers is a professor of computer vision at the University of Amsterdam. He is director of the Computer Vision Lab and co-director of the Atlas Lab (UvA-TomTom) and Delta Lab (UvA-Bosch) in Amsterdam. His research area is artificial intelligence with the focus on computer vision and deep learning, and in particular image processing, 3D (object) understanding and human-behavior analysis with industrial and societal applications. He is a VICI laureate (prestigious Dutch research grant). He is the co-founder of 3DUniversum, Scanm B.V. (Sold in 2020), and Sightcorp (Sold in 2022). He has published over 250+ papers and 3 books. H-index and number of citations. He is organizer, general chair, and program committee member of a various number of conferences, and an invited speaker at major conferences. He is actively involved in media and dissemination activities.

Open positions

No open positions at the moment. But excellent PhD candidates with a background in (3D) computer vision and deep learning and publications at top conferences like CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICLR, NIPS and ICML can always apply.


Here you can find papers and an overview of my research. H-index and number of citations.

Companies and spin-off's

More information can be found at,,,,,,

Free software

Here you can find an overview of the freely available software we developed for object recognition, tracking and image understanding.

Most popular free software for object recognition and detection: Color Descriptors and Selective Search.

We have developed emotion recognition software which is able to automatically analyze in real-time the facial expressions of humans in digital videos.

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