ColorDescriptor software v2.0 is available, including color SIFT (with Koen van de Sande).

Color Feature Description: matlab code for the hue and opponent color descriptor (with Joost van de Weijer).

Color Feature Detection I: some color image processing functions, including color edge detection, photometric invariant, color Canny edge detection, Harris point detection, and color boosting (with Joost van de Weijer).

Color Feature Detection II: implementations of color Harris affine, color Laplacian feature detection (with Joost van de Weijer).

Color Constancy: matlab code for edge-based color constancy. The file also includes implementations of Grey-World, max-RGB and Shades of Grey (with Joost van de Weijer).

Generalized Gamut Mapping matlab code is available. Paper is Generalized Gamut Mapping and appeared in IJCV. The code is written using Matlab, and requires the Convex Programming Toolbox CVX (with Arjan Gijsenij).