Reading Club Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation by Kenichi Kanatani

Leo Dorst [L.Dorst@UVA_ADDRESS] will orchestrate a reading club based on the book Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation by Kenichi Kanatani, augmented with auxiliary papers to bring results in this field up to date.

book cover   See the book web site for the table of contents and ERRATA.

The goal is to provide a focus for getting this book read and understood, to develop a common vocabulary and provide a forum for the various people involved in these geometric reconstruction techniques.

You will need to be truly committed, as you are expected to:

You can volunteer to present a particular chapter; remaining chapters will be assigned. We will try to arrange it such that basic principles are done first, and the more specialized chapters later.

Premliminary Schedule:

All gatherings will take place on Fridays, 9:30-12:30 in F0.09 at UvA/IvI, Kruislaan 403, Amsterdam.

date & venue chapters contents slides presenter
preparation Ch 1 Introduction read this by yourself to get the overview
June 26, 2009 Ch 2 Fundamentals of Linear Algebra H2a, H2b Leo Dorst
July 3, 2009 Ch 3 Probabilities and Statistical Estimation Ch3 Gwenn Englebienne
July 10 Ch 4 Representation of Geometric Objects Ch4 Carsten Cibura
July 17 Ch 5 Geometric Correction Ch5 Christos Dimitrikakis
July 24 Ch 6 3-D Computation by Stereo Vision Ch6 Daniel Fontijne
August 7 Ch 7 Parametric Fitting Ch7 Isaac Esteban
August 21 Ch 8 Optimal Filter Mark de Greef
September 11 Ch 9 Renormalization (but we should also do HEIV) Gijs Dubbelman
homework Ch 10 Applications of Geometric Estimation read this yourself
October 2 Ch 11 3-D Motion Analysis Ch11 Olaf Booij
October 16 Ch 12 3-D Interpretation of Optical Flow Dung Chu
November 6 Ch 13 Information Criterion for Model Selection Ch13 Romain Hugues (Fugro)
Ch 14 General Theory of Geometric Estimation WHO

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