Title: On Zeilberger's algorithm and its q-analogue: a rigorous description

Author: Tom H. Koornwinder


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Pages: 22

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Abstract: Gosper's and Zeilberger's algorithms for summation of terminating hypergeometric series as well as the q-versions of these algorithms are described in a very rigorous way. The paper is a companion to Maple V procedures implementing these algorithms. It concludes with the help information for these procedures.

Maple procedures

Title: Maple procedures zeilb and qzeilb (for Maple 6 or Maple V, version 5 or 4)

Author: Tom H. Koornwinder



The files zeilb, help_zeilb, qzeilb and help_qzeilb are text files.
The files zeilbtest.mws and qzeilbtest.mws are Maple worksheets.


Abstract: Maple V procedures for summation of terminating hypergeometric and q-hypergeometric series by Zeilberger's algorithm. These are highly rewritten versions of D. Zeilberger's Maple original procedures written around 1990.

Remark: More powerful implementations of Zeilberger's algorithm have been written by Koepf and by Zeilberger in Maple and by Paule in Mathematica. See links to their software.

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