Reading Club Multiple View Geometry by Hartley & Zisserman

We, Leo Dorst [leo@UVA_SCIENCE_ADDRESS] and Jan-Mark Geusebroek [mark@UVA_SCIENCE_ADDRESS], will orchestrate a reading club based on the book Multiple View Geometry by Hartley and Zisserman. The goal is to provide a focus for getting this book read and understood, to develop a common vocabulary and provide a forum for the various people involved in these geometric reconstruction techniques.

book cover   See the book web site for the table of contents and sample chapters.

If you are not sure whether this reading group is interesting for you, feel free to browse the book at either Leo's (F0.07) or Jan-Mark's (F0.05) office. The price of the book is around 60 euros (which your supervisor may be willing to reimburse from the project you're working on).

You will need to be truly committed, as you are expected to:

If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to Leo or Jan-Mark. You can volunteer to present a particular chapter; remaining chapters will be assigned. If you are merely interested in the basics, and (possibly) will skip the chapters after February 15, please let us know in your reply.

Premliminary Schedule:

All gatherings take place on Fridays, 10:-12:00 in F0.09 at UvA/IvI, Kruislaan 403, Amsterdam.

date chapters contents material presenter
preparation Ch 1 Introduction all figures of the book (1st ed) read this by yourself to get the overview
Jan 18, 2008 Ch 2 Projective geometry and transformations of 2D (mainly linear Algebra intro) slides Ch2 Vladimir Nedovic
Jan 25, 2008 Ch 3 Projective geometry and transformations of 3D Isaac Esteban
Feb 1, 2008 none Symposium Natural Scene Perception in honor of Jan Koenderink
Feb 8, 2008 Ch 4 Estimation - 2D projective transformations (including RANSAC) Ivo Everts
Feb 15, 2008 Ch 5 Algorithmic evaluation and error analysis (including error propagation) slides Ch5 Jasper Uijlings
Feb 22, 2008 Ch 6+7 Camera models + Computation of the camera matrix P slides Ch6, Ch7 Hoffmann:6, Nederveen:7
Feb 29, 2008 Ch 8+9 More single view geometry + Epipolar geometry and the fundamental matrix slides Ch8 Ch9 Olaf Booij
Mar 7, 2008 Ch 11+15 Computation of the fundamental matrix F + The trifocal tensor slides Ch11&13 Gijs Dubbelman
Mar 14, 2008 App 6 + Zhang paper Iterative Estimation Methods + Camera calibration slides App6/Zhang Daniel Fontijne

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