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Open Course project Logic in Action


Spinoza gateway course Logica in Actie, Dutch Open University. Open course project Logic in Action (legacy website, updated occasionally) taught at Amsterdam, Beijing, Maynooth, Seville, Stanford, and at ESSLLI Summer Schools. Also incorporated in the Stanford On-Line High School.

Courses at Amsterdam

The websites of the Master of Logic program at the ILLC and the Amsterdam University College have announcements for occasional guest lectures.

Courses at Stanford

The Stanford Explore Courses website has updated course information each year.

Courses at Tsinghua  See the course announcements of the UvA-Tsinghua Joint Research Center.

Summer School

Course Logic, Agency and Games at NASSLLI 2016 Summer School, Rutgers University.
Supplementary material available at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Broad Audience

Podcast interview on Logical Dynamics, Chicago Elucidations team.

Podcast interview on The Dynamics of Logic, Philosophical Institute, Lund University.

On the broader impact of modern logic:


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