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RoboCup 4-Legged Soccer League


One of the ultimate dreams in robotics is to create life-like robotics systems, such as humanoid robots and animal-like legged robots. Sony believes that quadruped robots have major potential for future robotics, because the consumer market of personal entertainment robots has the potential to surpass the static industrial market. Also from AI point of view this personal robots are more interesting than industrial robots, because those robots have to be reasonably intelligent, maintain a certain level of agility, be aware of their environment and be able to engage in some collaborative behaviors with each other and humans. The RoboCup 4-Legged Soccer League is an ideal challenge for a general University, because it defines a standard hardware platform, which allows to excel on algorithms to perceive the environment, to reason about the optimal (joint) actions, and to perform those actions in smooth way.

Research group members

Prof. dr. ir. F.C.A. Groen
Dr. A. Visser
ing. E.H. Steffens
ing B. Terwijn

Research Achievements

The IAS group participates in the Dutch Aibo Team, which is a collaboration of the Utrecht University, the Delft University of Technology, the Decis Laboratory, the University of Twente and the University of Amsterdam.

This participation is a recent initiative, and at this moment this platform is on our University only used for educational purposes and research on the undergraduate level:

  • C.A.M. Pieterse, 'Kleur invariantie voor de Robocup challenge - onderzoek naar een belichtings invariante methode voor object herkenning', June 2004, Bsc-thesis University of Amsterdam (366 Kb)

More information

  • Detailed information (including LabBook and Workspace) can be found on the local Project Homepage.
  • General informtion about the Dutch Aibo Team can be found on the Decis site and the University Utrecht site
  • A overview of the all Robocup initiatives in the Netherlands can be found at the Dutch RoboSoccer Team site.