UvA Matching 2017: Problem Solving with Prolog (BSc KI)

This module is part of the University of Amsterdam's matching programme for students considering to enrol in our Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence (BSc KI). The purpose of UvA Matching is to find out whether your chosen Bachelor's is in fact the right programme for you.

AI is all about problem solving: developing general methods for getting machines to perform tasks that we tend to associate with "intelligence" when performed by a human being. Prolog is an important AI programming language that is particularly useful for the development of such methods. First-year AI students learn about Prolog in the course Problem Solving and Search. In this UvA Matching module you will get a first glimpse at Prolog and you will see how it can be used for AI-style problem solving. Our main example for a problem to be solved will be a game known as the Towers of Hanoi.

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