Fall 2018: Algorithmic Game Theory Seminar

This is the website for the Fall 2018 Master of Logic project on Algorithmic Game Theory. Attendance and active participation is mandatory each week.

  • Organisers: Sirin Botan & Ulle Endriss
  • Meetings: Tuesdays, 16:00-17:30 in room F1.15 (SP 107).
  • Materials:

    We will mainly be following chapters in Algorithmic Game Theory by Nisan et al.
    A useful resource may be the lecture notes & videos of Tim Roughgarden.


    Your presentations should be "lecture-style". Each presentation should be around 90 minutes including questions. Plan for frequent interruptions. The purpose is to present in such a way that everyone in the audience leaves with a basic understanding of the material and the main results. When in doubt, go slow. Don't be afraid to make things interactive!

    Here is some advice on giving a talk by Ulle. Most things you need to consider before giving any kind of presentation are mentioned, so it's helpful to read even if you might not end up implementing all his suggestions. Note that some of it is written with conference-style talks in mind, so you can ignore those parts, or save them somewhere in the back of your mind for future endeavors.

    When you are in the audience, ask questions! Even if you think they might be stupid (this doubles as a charitable act: you'll help out the person with the same question who is too concerned with looking smart to ask).

    Here is a simple beamer template for those of you who might want it to make your slides. Feel free to use/create your own or play around with this one to make it more your own style.


    Tuesday September 4th Time changed to 16:30. Initial meeting for planning & scheduling.
    Tuesday September 11th No meeting.
    Tuesday September 18th Complexity of Finding Nash Equilibria (Rachael) (slides)
    Tuesday September 25th (in 904, A1.08) Learning, Regret Minimization and Equilibria (Jack) (slides)


    Tuesday October 2ndCascading Behavior in Networks (Kristoffer) (slides)
    Tuesday October 9thComplexity of Finding Nash Equilibria (Rachael) (slides)
    Tuesday October 16thDistributed Algorithmic Mechanism Design (Kristoffer) (slides)
    Tuesday October 23rdManipulation-Resistant Reputation Systems (Rachael) (slides)
    Monday Nov 5th 14:30 (in F1.15)Computational Evolutionary Game Theory (Jack)