I work at the Korteweg-de Vries institute of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. I teach Algebra I in the Bachelor Mathematics, Mirror symmetry in the Master Mathematical Physics and a course on chaos theory in the Bachelor Beta-Gamma.

Research interests

  • Resolutions of singularities:
    Noncommutative symplectic geometry, formally smooth algebras, derived equivalences between noncommutative algebras and algebraic varieties.
  • Geometric invariant theory:
    quotient singularities, moduli spaces of stable representations, slice theorems. Stability conditions.
  • Homological mirror symmetry:
    Matrix factorizations for noncommutative algebras, Fukaya categories of (punctured) surfaces.
  • Dimer models:
    Representations of Jacobi Algebras, Noncomutative crepant resolutions and the relation to mirror symmetry
  • Representation theory of quivers:
    Local quivers, quivers with potentials, preprojective algebras, Mckay correspondence. Applications of quivers in theoretical physics and topology.


University of Amsterdam
Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics
Science Park 105-107
1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 525 5166
Room: F3.13
Email: raf.bocklandt"at"gmail.com