Introduction to Modal Logic, University of Amsterdam, 2014-2019.

Mathematical Structures in Logic, University of Amsterdam, 2015-2020.

Axiomatic Set Theory, University of Amsterdam, 2019-2020.

Mathematical Logic, University of Amsterdam, 2014-2018. Course material is available on Blackboard.

Logische Complexiteit, Utrecht University, February - March, 2013.

"Modal and temporal logic", a course for 4th-year undergraduate and MSc students at Department of Computing, Imperial College London, taught together with Ian Hodkinson and Clemens Kupke, October - December, 2009 and 2010.

"Logic Programming", a 2nd-year undergraduate course, Department of Computer Science, University of Leicester, January - March, 2008.

"Introduction to Category Theory and Categorical Logic", MSc course, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, January - March, 2006.

Intuitionistic logic, a course taught with Dick de Jongh at the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2005), 8-19 August, 2005, Edinburgh, UK.

Bachelor's Student Supervision

Bachelor's Students

9. Paul Maurice Dekker (co-supervised with Tommaso Moraschini), Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Interpolation and Beth definability in implicative fragments of IPC", University of Amsterdam, January - July, 2020.

8. Joran van Weel, Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Quantum topos theory", University of Amsterdam, January - July, 2019.

7. Lars Keizer, Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Weak filtration for GL and S4.Grz", University of Amsterdam, January - July, 2019.

6. Selma Boeke (co-supervised with Paula Henk), Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Semantics for provability logic", University of Amsterdam, January - July, 2017.

5. Thijs Benjamins (co-supervised with Frederik Lauridsen), Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Interpolation for extensions of S5-squared", University of Amsterdam, January - July, 2016.

4. Mick van Dijk, Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Expressive power of modal languages over R and R2", University of Amsterdam, January - June, 2016.

3. Mike van Niehoff, Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Translating doxastic logics to epistemic logics", University of Amsterdam, January - June, 2016.

2. Kyah Smaal, Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Modal logics of serial subsets of R and Q", University of Amsterdam, January - June, 2015.

1. Dorien Zwaneveld (co-supervised with Julia Ilin), Bachelor's thesis entitled: "Subdirectly irreducible algebras in varieties of universal algebras", University of Amsterdam, February - August, 2014.

Other Student Projects

A. Tzimoulis and Zh. Zhao (co-supervised with Dick de Jongh), project entitled: The universal model for the negation-free fragment of IPC, ILLC, University of Amsterdam. November 2012 - February 2013.

Project supervision for 15 Master's students in Intuitionistic logic at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam. (Some of these papers were published as a technical report Student papers from an intuitionistic logic project of the ILLC).