Old Results RTPL Net Performance Package

There are still the results, listed below, available from stopped net performance monitors.

DAS clusters  (stopped: 2000/08/16).
The, so called, DAS computer clusters are directly inter-connected with an ATM network, however, in most cases there is also an "usual" Internet connection between the clusters. The net tests are here intended to compare both connections and to monitor the performance of the ATM connection. Because the performances of the ATM connections are rather stable, the tests between two clusters are only performed in one direction.

European monitor
In these tests some European sites were monitored. This project was supported by TERENA.

IPP-FOM-UU-RMA results  (stopped: 2001/08/28).
The connectivity between the Plasma Physics Institutes in the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC) was monitored here.

NLM - UU  (stopped: 2000/12/12).

SURFnet (Phase 1)  (stopped: 2001/03/13).

Network SARA-UvA  (Stopped: 2001/12/04).
This link points to the results of some tests at the network of SARA and UvA at the WTCW.

UAF-UvA  (Stopped: 15/05/2002).

Netherlight  (Stopped: 09/09/2003).
These results were obtained at the Netherlight network from SURFnet in various previously used configurations. See also the results of the currently running monitor.

WP7  (Stopped: 26/09/2003).
These results were part of the WP7 Data Grid contribution from SARA and UvA.

BBL  (Stopped: 15/11/2004).
These were the results of some tests at the network of the Buys Ballot Laboratorium. That is the building where the HPCG group, Faculty of Physiscs and Astronomy, Utrecht University is located.