About Kung-Fu
Kung-Fu is a form of philosophy and martial art which goes back hundreds of years, allegedly brought to China from either India or Okinawa and developed further by monks who lived in the "Shaolin Temple". There are many versions of Kung-Fu and even more stories of its development and refinement. The version that I practice is called Shaolin Nam Pai or sometimes Five Animal Shaolin.

Shaolin Nam Pai

Shaolin Nam Pai (literally "Northern Southern Shaolin") is a type of Kung-Fu which inlcudes approaches from both the north and the south of China. The story goes that the northerners, being taller and living in open country, had a different fighting style than the southerners, who were shorter and lived in hilly areas. It is sometimes called Five Animal Shaolin because it is based on the movements of five representative animals: the horse, the crane, the dragon, the snake, and (my favorite) the tiger.

My studies and teaching of Shaolin Nam Pai
I studied Shaolin Nam Pai from 1986 until 1999 with my teacher, Yehuda Offner, attaining Black Sash status in 1992. Under the guidance of my teacher, I instructed classes at the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for four years (1994-1998), as well as in Rehovot, where I taught for three years (1996-1999). In all I taught over 100 pupils, five of whom attained senior (blue sash) ranks.
My class in Jerusalem My class in Rehovot
Standing (left): Tamar Grossman, Hagit Peretz, Alon Amarilio, David Hainovitz, Galia Ravia, Hahoch Ilsar, Omer Moav, JJ Marx, Gadi Rothenberg. Sitting (left): Jamal Goda, Rakefet Rishonim, Danny Peleg, Gilad Nachmani, Meir Har-Tzion, Eli Shulaker. Standing (left): Gadi Rothenberg, Alon Eren, Ohad Mizrachi, Liad Peleg, Barak Rozenberg, Zeev Megidovitz, Elad, Danny Kislianski, Uri Abramov, Assaf, Oleg. Sitting (left): Ehud Alpert, Roy Karni, Gil Lititzvar, Yifat, Amit Issarof, Alon Amarilio, Erez Ayalon, Yakim Peled, Shai Daniel.

My teacher - Yehuda Offner

Yehuda Offner is one of the experienced teachers of Kung-Fu in Israel. He studied Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan in England for several years with Master Lye Kwong and attained Black Sash rank. Yehuda then returned to Israel and opened a kung-fu school called Shaolin Nam Pai. He taught hundreds of students, nine of whom attained the Black Sash rank. These are Ofer Mizrahi, Ofer Israeli (deceased), Ami Rothenberg, myself, Maya Sabatello, Shabtay Shalit, Chaim Chavin, Dudi Michaeli, and Arik Dafni. Yehuda still teaches Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Israel.

Master Lye Kwong

Master Lye Kwong was born in Malaysia. He trained in Tae Kwon Do and in Kung-Fu and was the national champion five years running. In the late 1970s, he came to England together with Master Chris Lye to open the
Shaolin Nam-Pai Chuan school. Several years later he returned to teaching Tae Kwon Do. He still teaches twice a week in Hatfield, Hertsfordshire.

In August 2004 my brother Ami and I met Master Lye Kwong in London.

Master Lye Kwong with Ami and Gadi

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