Python Programming Project: The Perfect Bib-File

University of Amsterdam, 2016
Programming project proposal for Afstudeerproject BSc KI
Supervisor: Christian Schaffner (ILLC / email)
ECTS: Bachelor Thesis

Motivating Problem

In mathematically inclined research fields, people use Latex to write scientific documents. Proper references (with hyperlinks) are of great importance and convenience in today's digital publishing environment. A lot of reference managers exist for this purpose, but maintaining large bibtex files remains a time-consuming task and is almost impossible to do in a consistent way. Moreover, this work is replicated over and over again by individual researchers or research groups.


If successful, I expect the outcomes of this project to be useful to hundreds of researchers.


First, the student needs to reach a proper understanding of the current situation and the desired objectives. This is accomplished by looking into the inner workings of bibtex, and testing the functionality of other reference managers.

In a second step, we will develop an automated way of creating the "perfect bibfile". We will be building upon an already existing open-source Python Bibtex Parser. We will aim at implementing various extensions of this parser: In a last step (if time allows), we will create a website where users can add new articles to the (hosted version) of the perfect bibfile. As this process is fully automated, users can upload their whole old bibfiles, and non-existing articles will automatically be added to the "perfect database" and the users instructed about what to change in their source to be able to work with the new bibfile.


Expected Learning Outcomes and Skills Acquired

At the end of this project, you will have learned quite a lot of new skills such as:

Number of students

1 is preferred

Useful resources