Programming a Score-Keeping App for Sport Tournaments

University of Amsterdam, Fall 2015
Research project proposal for Bachelor Artifical Intelligence (AI), Honours Programme
Supervisor: Christian Schaffner (ILLC / email)

Motivating Problem

At big sport tournaments where multiple games are played simultaneously on a large number of fields, it is difficult as spectator to keep an overview of who is playing whom at the moment, and what the current scores are.


The goal of this project is to program a javascript website which works well on smartphones (i.e. it is responsive, and can handle touch events). The site helps the user to navigate on the premises of such a tournament. Additionally, it allows spectators to keep scores (in a sense, we would like to crowd-source the task of score-keeping to the spectators). In particular, the website should do the following:


We will use the open-source JavaScript web application framework Meteor (also check its wikipedia description). The app should be able to retrieve data from various servers. Realistic test data can be retrieved from Leaguevine and its well-document API. For the front end, we will use bootstrap. All code produced in this project will be freely available from As a side effect, we learn how to work with the github platform.

Number of students

2 is preferred


Useful resources

Introductory Presentation for the students