Dutch Nao Team

See also the project page doi:10.26303/d6rm-0v80.

Institute opening

Our robots will be performing during the opening of the institute. Here a prerelease:


German Open 2010, Magdeburg

Our approach for the competition is described in our latest Team Description Paper, January 30, 2010.


At the German Open, three games were played:
 Dutch Nao Team - Austrian-Kangaroos (3rd)0 - 2
 Dutch Nao Team - RoboEireann (7th) 0 - 0
 Dutch Nao Team - Nao Team Humboldt (4th) 0 - 1


I found a video of one of our games at YouTube.

Our first presence in the international arena gained us only a single point, but the experience gained allows us to apply for qualification for the RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul.

Hockeybal kick

In preparation for the soccer competition at the German Open in Magdenburg, our team developed a new kick for the heavier ball of 2010:

Our robot Rouge performing the hockeybal kick in our new robotlab in the penthouse (F4.21)