Traffic Simulation Workshop

as part of

HPCN Europe '99

14 April 1999, RAI Conference Center


As part of the HPCN Europe '99 event, a half a day workshop on traffic simulation has been scheduled on Wednesday April 14 in the morning.

Traffic simulation is one of those applications were high performance computing techniques are essential. Individual vehicles must exhibit plausible driving behavior and the traffic properties such as density and flow must be appropriate. Parallelism enables the real-time simulation of hundreds, thousands or millions of vehicles, with no loss of detail.

Traffic and transportation networks are, from a scientific point of view, very complex dynamical systems, often with a very large number of interacting "objects" showing many complicated phenomena. The physical modeling of the elementary processes and the translation into efficient algorithms are therefore the key problems of traffic simulations. Recently there has been much effort in this field and the understanding of the basic processes now allows for real world applications much faster than real time. The traffic system analysis, the prediction of future developments and the impact of external operations therefore become calculable in many cases. The aim of the present workshop is to give some insight into the status of the research activities and the realization of the results in various projects.


08:30 - 09:15 Dr. Kai Nagel (Transims, Los Alamos):
Large scale traffic simulations for transportation planning.
09:20 - 09:55 Dr. F. Middelham (Transport Research Centre (AVV), Rotterdam):
Predictability: some thoughts on modelling.
10:00 - 10:35 Dr. Stephan Rosswog (DLR Mobilität und Systemtechnik, Köln):
Some computational aspects in traffic simulation problems.
10:40 - 11:10 coffee break
11:10 - 11:45 Prof. Dr. Michael Schreckenberg (G.-M. Univ. Duisburg):
Online simulations with cellular automata.
11:50 - 12:25 Mr. G. Duncan (Quadstone Ltd., Edinburgh):
Paramics: Microscopic Traffic Simulation using MPI.

Poster presentations

The workshop will contain a number of invited speakers. In addition, posters (2 to 3 pages A4) in the area of the workshop are welcomed. These should conform to the guidelines of general HPCN99 submissions of short papers, but should be sent to the workshop organizer in (compressed) PostScript by e-mail (see the address below).


Prospective participants should submit a short (1 page maximum) description of current activities and interests in traffic simulation. Participants could sent an e-mail to


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