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  • a.novaro[at]uva[dot]nl
· Reviews ·

PC member for the conferences IJCAI-2021, AAMAS-2021, AAAI-2021, ECAI-2020, IJCAI-2020, AAAI-2020 and for the ESSLLI-2020 (Virtual) Student Session.
Sub-reviewer for the conferences COMSOC-2021, AAAI-2019, JELIA-2019, AAMAS-2018, IJCAI-2018, EUMAS-2017.
Reviewer for the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research and the Erkenntnis International Journal of Scientific Philosophy.

· Roles ·

Organiser of the Workshop in Knowledge Representation and Collective Decision Making.
Co-organiser of e-Democracy reading group, PhDs in Logic XI, PFIA-2019, COMSOC-2016, ESSLLI-2017.
Co-organiser of the IRIT@UT1 seminar in Computer Science (2016-2019).
Representative of the PhD students in Logic at IRIT (2016-2019).
Selected as Young Talent for the 2018 Erasmus-Descartes Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

· Visitings ·