Amsterdam workshop in set theory
February 10th and 11th, 2012

On Friday February 10th 2012, Yurii Khomskii will publicly defend his PhD thesis in Amsterdam. Following the defense, we shall hold a set theory workshop where the members of the committee, local set theorists and some additional guests will give talks. Every interested researcher is cordially invited.

Venue:   University Library, Singel 425, Amsterdam, Room Potgieterszaal.


Friday 10 February
15.00-15.45:   Joan Bagaria                             Topologies on ordinals and stationary reflection.         Slides
15.45-16.30:   Daisuke Ikegami Regularity properties and infinitary Borel sets.       Slides
16.45-17.30:   Marcin Sabok Extreme amenability of abelian L_0 groups.         Slides    
17.30-18.15:   Benjamin Miller Bases, rigidity, and non-hyperfinite equivalence relations.        Slides

Saturday 11 February
10.15-11.00:   Sy Friedman                             The Essence of V.        Slides    
11.15-12.00:   Philipp Schlicht Changing the bounding and dominating numbers for classes of uncountable structures.         Slides
12.00-12.45:   Stefan Geschke Structural results on clopen graphs.        Slides
13.45-14.30:   Andrew Brooke-Taylor Large cardinals and colimits.       Slides
14.30-15.15:   Klaas Pieter Hart The Katowice problem.       Slides
15.30-16.15:   Jörg Brendle Cardinal invariants and large continuum.

Organizers: Zhenhao Li, Benedikt Löwe.
Funded by the   ILLC   and the   NWO   (2011/11871/EW).