Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam

Forensic Intelligence


Within the System and Network Engineering program of the UvA there is a special track devoted to Forensics.

General description

As society becomes more and more intertwined with the use of computers, so does crime, and so does the job of law enforcement. The field of forensic intelligence tries to cope with this development by doing research on new techniques to solve crimes and to solve new types of crime. Starting off from the course program shared by the two tracks, you follow two track specific course namely Cybercrime and Forensics where you learn how to acquire data from ICT infrastructures for investigative purposes in a forensically sound manner and Visual Analytics where you learn how to build systems supporting investigators in search of relevant clues by showing overviews and summaries of the large amounts of data, and by providing interactive search methods to quickly find relevant information. You end the track program with a master thesis on a track specific topic.

Job prospects

Forensic experts play a role in various businesses and organizations. Clearly the Netherlands Forensics Institute, the police and intelligence agencies are places where students in the forensic track can continue their career. Next to that there are many companies developing systems for the judicial field. Finally, banks, insurance companies, and all other large organizations increasingly have to deal with the consequence of (Cyber)crime.
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