Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research Special Issue

Logic and Philosophy Today

Amitabha Gupta and Johan van Benthem (guest editors)

The Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (Mrinal Miri, editor) has decided to bring out an issue in December 2010 on modern logic and its relationship to philosophy.

Aim and Scope:

This is an ambitious initiative to improve the interface of logic and philosophy in India.

In India, there are over 300 universities and most have departments of philosophy. However, most of their logic curricula are archaic and standards are often low. Important modern surveys and textbooks are beyond the reach of common students and teachers as the prices of these publications are prohibitive, even for most of the universities. There is a dire need of a publication that would be accessible to a broad philosophy community in India. The proposed publication of Logic and Philosophy Today would meet this need as the journal has maximum reach throughout the country since its subscription is priced low and it is subscribed by all most all the universities and colleges. Thus, this initiative would be one of the most valuable services we can render to bolster and upgrade knowledge of logic. It would create an unprecedented and lasting impact on the community of scholars in philosophy in India.

The main ideas behind this intiative are simple. First, we want to show that logic is much more than routine symbol manipulation, breaking the spell of current teaching habits. Next, we want to give a broad picture of interfaces between logic and philosophy, showing how logical methods today are relevant to a wide range of areas in philosophy, not just the usual suspects of philosophy of mathematics, language and logic, but also epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, social philosophy, and so on. Third, in doing so, we want to include links to other disciplines (from mathematics to cognitive science) that show how logic pens windows, and connects philosophy to many other fields. And finally, we want to infuse more mathematical depth, showing how philosophers need it.

The editorial board of the Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research has decided that its December 2010 issue (perhaps in two volumes) will be devoted to papers on the current and future state of logic. The aim is to give a balanced picture of logic today, emphasizing interfaces with philosophy (the intended audience), and to include new perspectives suggesting that the field has a future, not just a great past. The articles in the issue are intended to provide a gateway to an area rather than a display of technical brilliance, with some good strategic references at the end. Articles are also intended to be historically informed, stating major achievements, but most importantly, show major themes today, and indicating future directions where the Indian community might join.