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Rens Bod



As a Vici-laureate I investigate the humanities from both a computational and a historical perspective



Professor of Computational and Digital Humanities

Director of Center for Digital Humanities

Head Language and Computation Group

Vice-director ILLCUniversity of Amsterdam

Visiting Address: Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam, room C3.115

Postal Address: P.O. Box 94242, 1090 GE Amsterdam, NL

Tel: +31 20 5256086   Mobile: +31 6 30380162   Fax: +31 20 5255206



NEWS: We received 27.6 million Euro for our consortium-project “Language in Interaction”. Here are the first job ads.


Klik hier voor mijn activiteiten op het gebied van de geesteswetenschappen



Recent Books

R. Bod, 2013. A New History of the Humanities, Oxford University Press, in press.

R. Bod, 2012. Het Einde van de Geesteswetenschappen 1.0Vossiuspers, Amsterdam University Press.

R. Bod, J. Maat and T. Weststeijn (eds.), 2012.The Making of the Humanities – Vol.II: From Early Modern to Modern DisciplinesAUP

R. Bod, 2010. De Vergeten Wetenschappen: Een Geschiedenis van de Humaniora (“The Forgotten Sciences: A History of the Humanities”), Prometheu.

R. Bod, J. Maat and T. Weststeijn (eds.), 2010. The Making of the Humanities – Vol.I: The Humanities in Early Modern Europe, AUP.

R. Bod, J. Hay and S. Jannedy (eds.), 2003. Probabilistic Linguistics. The MIT Press.

R. Bod, R. Scha and K. Sima'an (eds.), 2003. Data-Oriented Parsing. University of Chicago Press.

R. Bod, 1998. Beyond Grammar: An Experience-Based Theory of Language CSLI Publications, Cambridge University Press.


Recently organized events

The Making of the Humanities III: 3rd International Conference on the History of the Humanities, 1-3 November 2012, Rome, Italy.

Workshop Computational HumanitiesInternational Conference on Computational Science 2010, 1st June 2010, Amsterdam.

The Making of the Humanities II: 2nd International Conference on the History of the Humanities, 21-23 October 2010, Amsterdam.

Psychocomputational Models of Human Language Acquisition (PsychoCompLA’09), CogSci 2009, July 29th, Amsterdam.

Symposium on Erudition and Empiricism: The Intertwining of the Humanities and the Sciences in Early Modern Europe, 4-6 July 2008, Oxford.


Recent Articles (click here for my other publications)


Computational Linguistics and Cognition

S. Frank, R. Bod and M. Christiansen, 2012. How Hierarchical is Language Use? Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 297(1747), 4522-4531.

R. Bod and M. Smets, 2012. Empiricist Solutions to Nativist Problems using Tree-Substitution GrammarsProceedings Cognitive Models of Language Acquisition and Loss, EACL 2012, Avignon, France, pp. 10-18.

F. Battaglia, G. Borensztajn and R. Bod, 2012. Structured cognition and neural systems: from rats to languageNeuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 36(7), 1626–1639.

A. Zuccala and R. Bod, 2012. Book Reviews as 'Mega-Citations': A Fresh Look At Citation TheoryProceedings 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators, STI 2012, Montreal

S. Frank and R. Bod, 2011. Insensitity of the Human Sentence-Processing System to Hierarchical StructurePsychological Science (papersupplementary material)

F. Sangati, W. Zuidema and R. Bod, 2010. Efficiently extract recurring tree fragments from large treebanksProceedings LREC10.

R. Gayler, S. Levy and R. Bod, 2010. Biologically Inspired? Cognitive Architecture! Proceedings BICA 2010, Washington D.C.

R. Bod, 2009. From Exemplar to Grammar: A Probabilistic Analogy-based Model of Language LearningCognitive Science, 33(5), 752-793.

G. Borensztajn, W. Zuidema and R. Bod, 2009. Children’s Grammars Grow More Abstract with Age. Topics in Cognitive Science, 1, 175-188.

R. Bod, 2009. Constructions at Work or at Rest? Cognitive Linguistics, 20(10, 129–134.

R. Bod, 2009. Probabilistic LinguisticsOxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis, edited by Bernd Heine and Heiko Narrog (Oxford University Press).

R. Bod, G. Borensztajn and E. Morgan, 2009. Empiricist Solutions to Nativist PuzzlesProceedings CogSci 2009.

G. Borensztajn, W. Zuidema and R. Bod, 2009. The hierarchical prediction network: towards a neural theory of grammar acquisitionProceeding CogSci 2009.

F. Sangati, W. Zuidema and R. Bod, 2009. A generative re-ranking model for dependency parsingProceedings IWPT 09.

R. Bod, 2007. Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight? Proceedings ACL 2007, Prague, 400-407.

R. Bod, 2007. Unsupervised Syntax-Based Machine Translation: The Contribution of Discontiguous PhrasesProceedings MT Summit 2007, Copenhagen, 51-57.

R. Bod, 2006. An All-Subtrees Approach to Unsupervised ParsingProceedings ACL-COLING 2006, Sydney.

R. Bod, 2006. Exemplar-Based Syntax: How to Get Productivity from ExamplesThe Linguistic Review 23, Special Issue on Exemplar-Based Models in Linguistics.


Computational Musicology

A. Honingh and R. Bod, 2011. In search of universal properties of musical scalesJournal of New Music Research(paperpress release).

A. Honingh and R. Bod, 2011. Clustering and classification of music using interval categoriesProceedings MCM 2011, Paris

A. Honingh and R. Bod, 2010. Pitch class set categories as analysis tools for degrees of tonalityProceedings ISMIR 2010.

A. Honingh and R. Bod, 2006. Convexity and the Well-formedness of Musical ObjectsJournal of New Music Research, 34(3), 293-303.

R. Bod, 2002. A Unified Model of Structural Organization in Language and Music. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 17(2002): 289-308.

R. Bod, 2002. Memory-Based Models of Melodic Analysis: Challenging the Gestalt Principles. Journal of New Music Research, 31(1): 27-37.


Computational Reasoning

P. Pauwels and R. Bod, 2012. Including the power of interpretation through a simulation of Peirce's process of inquiryLLC: The Journal of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, December 20 issue.

P. Pauwels and R. Bod, 2012. 'Applications for experimenting' or 'reasoning agents' as design decision support toolsProceedings Design Computation and Cognition, DCC’2012

R. Gayler, S. Levy and R. Bod, 2010. Explanatory Aspirations and the Scandal of Cognitive NeuroscienceProceedings BICA 2010, Washington D.C.

R. Bod, 2007. Getting Rid of Derivational Redundancy or How to Solve Kuhn's ProblemMinds and Machines, 17(1), 47-66.

R. Bod, 2006. Towards a General Model of Applying Science. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 20(1), 5-25. Symposium on Applying Science.


Computational Literary Studies

R. Bod, B. Fisseni, A. Kurji, B. Löwe, 2012. Objectivity and reproducibility of Proppian annotations, in: Mark A. Finlayson (ed.), The Third Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative, Cambridge MA 2012, pp. 17-21

R. Bod, B. Físseni, C. León and B. Löwe, 2012. Computational Models of Narrative StructureDigital Humanities 2012, Hamburg.

R Bod, B. Löwe, S. Saraf, 2011. How much do formal narrative annotations differ? A Proppian case study, in The Computational Turn: Past, Presents, Futures?, pp. 242-245


Computational Aesthetics

R. Bod and R. Scha, 1993. Deriving Optimal Network Diagrams by means of Structural Information Theory. In R. Bod et al. (eds.), HCI from a Discourse Perspective, HCRC Edinburgh, 48-60.

R. Scha and R. Bod, 1993. Computational AestheticsInformatie en Informatiebeleid, 11(1), 54-63.


History of the Humanities

R. Bod 2012. Topstukken in de Taalwetenschap. Artikel voor de Taalcanon (www.taalcanon.nl), Algemene Vereniging Taalkunde.

R. Bod, 2012. How the Humanities Changed the World. Unione internazionale degli istituti di archeologia, storia e storia dell’arte in Roma, 110-124.

R. Bod, 2012. The Dawn of the Modern Humanities, in R. Bod, J. Maat and T. Weststeijn (eds.), 2012. The Making of the Humanities – Vol. II: From Early Modern to Modern, Amsterdam University Press, pp. 9-19.

R. Bod, 2012. Logic in the history of Chinese humanities. In J. Seligman and F. Liu (eds.), The History of Logic in China, Automatic Press / VIP, New York

R. Bod, 2010. De Vergeten Wetenschappen: Een Geschiedenis van de Humaniora (“The Forgotten Sciences: A History of the Humanities”), Prometheus, 2010.

R. Bod, J. Maat and T. Weststeijn, 2010. The Making of the Humanities – Vol.I: The Humanities in Early Modern Europe, AUP, 2010.



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