Michiel van Lambalgen
Prof.dr. Michiel van Lambalgen
Chair of Logic & Cognitive Science
ILLC/Department of Philosophy
University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15
1012 CP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone + 31 20 5254523
Fax + 31 20 5254503
Office Hours: by appointment
» Email: M.vanLambalgen at uva.nl
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The Proper Treatment of Events

This webpage contains material relevant to the book The Proper Treatment of Events (co-authored by Fritz Hamm (Tuebingen)), which is published by Blackwell in November 2004. Instructors can find slides here, and some suggestions on how to use the book in a course. We also provide some examples of essays and master theses for which the book provided inspiration. Students may be interested in the fuller version of the first 3 chapters of the book, containing proofs which had to be omitted for lack of space.
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» The book `Human reasoning and cognitive science' (co-authored by Keith Stenning) has just been published by MIT Press (August 2008). Click the link for more information.
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Most of my present research takes place within the framework of two NWO programmes:
» Logic meets psychology: nonmonotonicity
» Reasoning and the brain
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Selected Publications

+ Generalised Quantifiers
+ Logic of Vision
+ Psychology
+ Randomness
+ Semantics of Tense and Aspect
+ Forensic statistics
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Teaching 2010-2011

+ Rationality, cognition and reasoning (Semester 1, 2010-2011)
+ Tentative course schedule. Expressions like '[Books]' and '[Articles]' refer to folders in Google Docs to which you will get access after registering
+ Homework
+ Filosofische Teksten: Logica en Cognitie, (Semester 2, 2009 -2010)
+ Kant, logic and cognition (Semester 2, 2008-2009)