Modelling Moving Object in the Netherlands





The purpose of this page is to support research and development in the area of modelling moving objects. This webpage was created as followup to a workshop that was held at the University of Amsterdam


Updated: 11 May 2010.



Workshop programme


Monica Wachowicz (LU Wageningen): Understanding flock behaviour: from patterns to interactions


Filip Biljecki (with Wilko Quack and Peter van Oosterom, TU Delft): Automatic segmentation and classification of movement trajectories for transportation modes


Willem van Hage (with Veronique Malaise, VU Amsterdam): Behavior representation and movement analysis with the Simple Event Model Sheets


Niels Willems (TU Eindhoven): Multivariate trajectory selection


Gerben de Vries (with Maarten van Someren, Univ. van Amsterdam): Data-driven modelling of ship movements


Abdo El Ali (with Frank Nack, Univ. van Amsterdam): It's the journey that's interesting, not the destination


Nirvana Meratnia (Univ. Twente): Urban participatory sensing







Groups and people


LU Wageningen

Monica Wachowicz


TU Delft

Peter J.M. van Oosterom

Wilko Quak

Filip Biljecki



TU Eindhoven

Niels Willems

Bettina Speckman


Univ. van Tilburg

Eric Postma

Jeroen Janssen



Embedded Systems Institute

Contact: Michael Borth



Contact: Wil van Dommelen



VU Amsterdam

Willem van Hage

Veronique Malaise



Pervasive Computing Research Group TU Twente

Contact: Nirvana Meratnia



Univ. van Amsterdam, Informatics Institute


Maarten van Someren

Gerben de Vries

Arjan Nusselder

Frank Nack

Abdo El Ali

Pieter Adriaans



Univ. van Ammsterdam, Institute of Biodiversity


Willem Bouten






AIS data


These are data from ships. For documentation abou these data, see Several sites provide “live” data that can be extracted, e.g. or We have a large amount of such data that we got in the context of the Poseidon project but under the condition that we will not distribute them.





Online data about airplane movements and noise around Schiphol:



Recreational walking


Monica Wachowicz has a set of data about persons walking in a recreational area, along with questionnaire data. Contact her if you want to use them.




Software / Tookits:




Past events:

Dagstuhl seminar  Representation, Analysis and Visualization of Moving Objects” 2008





Upcoming events:


COM.Geo 2010, 1st international conference and exhibition on computing for geospatial research,


AERFAI International Summer School on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Multimedia Systems --- Benicàssim, June 7-11, 2010,

PATTERNS 2010: The Second International Conferences on Pervasive Patterns and Applications, November 21-26, 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

Workshop on Applications of Pattern Analysis , 1 - 2 September 2010, Cumberland Lodge (Windsor, UK)  Submission deadlines: may 9th for abstract; may 16th for full paper.

Twentieth IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing(MLSP 2010), August 29 - September 1, 2010, Kittila, Finland


The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis DSA 2011“ in New York, USA on September, 21-23 2011,

4th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data, (SensorKDD-2010) at the 16th ACM SIGKDD Conference on
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) July 25, 2010, Washington, DC, USA


International Workshop on Human Behaviour Understanding 2010 (HBU@ICPR) August 22, 2010 - Istanbul, TURKEY,
Workshop on Movement Pattern Analysis, 14 Sept. 2010 in Zurich,
2010 Summer School on Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy, Rhodos Island, Greece, 27 August - 1 September 2010,



Related projects:


MOVE, see








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