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I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

My main research interests are in statistical machine translation and natural language processing.

About me

My photo from 2009

I am a member of the Language and Computation group and I am currently working in the VIDI project supervised by Dr. Khalil Sima'an.

I received my PhD in SMT from the Deptartment of Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) of the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, in October 2009. My thesis was about new algorithms of language modeling and global word/phrase reordering for phrase-based and N-gram-based SMT. The Ph.D. dissertation can be downloaded here. You can find my obsolete but still alive UPC web-page here.

As written in the top of the page, my main research interests are in statistical modeling for spoken and natural language processing, especially in statistical machine translation (SMT). I am especially interested in the introduction of syntactic information into SMT, but I am also curious about language modeling and syntactical parsing.

Here is my short vita (which is normally 2-3 months outdated).

As of June 1, I am living ILLC-UvA and moving to TAUS where I will be responsible for R&D. Since then this page will be obsolete. You can reach me by e-mail: maxim at translationautomation dot com.

This page

In this page you can find a list of my recent and forthcoming publications, not complete but representative list of talks I have recently given or will be giving in the near future, a list of SMT-related projects I have participated in, a news archive (the most recent news are also published in the news section on the right) and my contact information.

I am planning to formalize my vision and current status of SMT technology in the near future and place it on a separate page. At the moment, there is a rather interesting page containing useful links to relevant SMT resources. I do try to make sure that all the links work, but please send me a mail if you see that I missed something really important or if some of the links do not work any more.

You can also find a couple of other things that I like and that I am interested in.