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Language is a defining characteristic of the human species. Theories of the biological evolution of the capacity for language and the cultural evolution of languages have often been speculative in nature. Recently, techniques from mathematical biology and computer science have allowed for more rigorous tests of the internal coherence of theories. At the same time, researchers in comparative biology and historical and developmental linguistics have started to test their consistency with empirical data. The workshop will highlight and strengthen these developments, by bringing together world-class researchers from the relevant disciplines, and by presenting exciting new approaches to make interesting theories testable.

The workshop will take place on Friday September 2nd and Saturday September 3d (both days from 9am until 6pm). It will be held at University of Amsterdam (exact location to be determined). The workshop is organised in 4 sessions, each with a 15 minute introduction by the session chair, 6 invited talks of 30 minutes and a 15 minute discussion. Each session features both linguistic and biological approaches, and both empirical and modelling results.

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