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This page is no longer being updated: it is from my days as a PhD student at the ILLC and the CWI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I've now completed my thesis, entitled 'Playing with Information'. It was supervised by Professor Krzysztof Apt and Professor Johan van Benthem.

You can find my ILLC contact details (which are still valid) using this link; and at the CWI using this one.

On this page you can read about my PhD research interests and some things i have written or am writing. You can find out about some events that i am or have been involved in organising, and also look at my cv.

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My research is concerned with logic and formal representations of mental states like belief and knowledge. Some of my work consists in understanding and contributing to analyses of concepts from game theory in terms of the players' beliefs. That's perhaps my central research topic at the moment, but in addition to this i'm also examining connections that logics for belief have with other disciplines, for example with distributed programming and with ethics.

Jonathan Zvesper at LORI 2007

photograph by Ji Ruan

Some papers

(If there is a [pdf] link, you can click it to see the paper. If there is no link please mail me if you'd like a copy.)

Reviewed papers

Unpublished papers

  • "Monadic Second Order Logic is closed for product update" [pdf]
  • "The Brandenburger-Keisler paradox in normal model logics"
  • "Common beliefs and public announcements in strategic games with arbitrary strategy sets" (with Krzysztof Apt)
  • "There are assumption-complete belief models for the basic modal language" [pdf]

Working papers (i.e. not yet available):

  • "Topological models and transfinite reasoning in strategic games"
  • "Softening Rational Dynamics"
  • "Rational equilibria of pure strategies in games of imperfect information"
  • "What you really want: deriving preference from belief"
  • "Modal languages for rationality"

Scientific talks and presentations

I have presented papers at the following events:



Some recent and current activities



Current position

I am currently a PhD student in the GLoRiClass research training site.  I am a Marie Curie research fellow, and am affiliated with the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) and the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI - the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science).


2005-2006 MSc Logic, ILLC; graduated cum laude

2004-2005 Maîtrise de Logique, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; Graduated second in year group with mention bien

2000-2004 Philosophy and Modern Languages, University of Oxford; Graduated with first class honours

2002-2003 DUT Informatique, Université Montpellier II; Graduated top of year group


Awards and prizes

Marie Curie research fellowship (awarded by Cordis, held 2006-2009)

Evert Willem Beth scholarship (Beth Stichting, 2005-2006)

Roy Jenkins memorial scholarship (Europaeum Foundation, 2004-2005)

Entente cordiale scholarship (Institut Français, 2004-2005)

Fitzgerald prize for performance in final examinations (Exeter College, Oxford, 2004)

Fluchère prize for essays on French literature (Exeter College, Oxford, 2003)


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