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This page contains several software packages, that you may find useful:
Pursuit Domain Package (v0.9)
This package contains several components that make up the well-known pursuit domain (or predator/prey domain) in which it is the goal of the predators to capture the prey as fast as possible in a discrete grid-like world. Using this package, you can directly start with the implementation of the predator without having to worry about the other implementation details. This package has been used since spring 2001 for the lab course of the course Multiagent Systems and Distributed AI. A description of the software package is available here. The package has been developed under Linux, but most parts can also be compiled under Windows (using Cygwin). Pre-compiled Windows binaries (v0.8) are available here. The package is released under the LGPL license.

David Jiang was so kind to port the logplayer v0.9 code to the Windows OS. His version can be downloaded here.

The previous version 0.8 can also be downloaded: 0.8 version.

You may also want to check the introductory text 'A Concise Introduction to Multiagent Systems and Distributed AI' that has been used as basis for the aforementioned course. It is fully available here.

Geometry library
This C++ library contains several methods for performing geometrical calculations using either points, lines, rectangles or circles. It is released under the LGPL license.
UvA Trilearn RoboCup base code
This well-documented framework for a RoboCup 2D Simulation team based on the UvA Trilearn team implements the world model and a large amount of skills of the agents. Furthermore, it defines a simple team strategy. This base code is used by many of the RoboCup simulation teams;