Coach Competition Materials


Here are several patterns that are provided for you to test and fine tune your coach. The patterns used in the competitions will include these, and also several others that are similar to them.

Each pattern is given in a .clang file containing the CLang statements of the pattern, a short description, and the name of the coachable used to create the pattern.
For bandwidth problems, the .clang files with necessary information are used. Note that the .rcg log files will be used during the competitions, and the participants have no access to the .clang files.

Sample Patterns

This is the first published set of patterns. These patterns were used during the qualification process to test the performance of the coaches. 

Get them from sample-patterns.tar.gz 

US Open Patterns

These patterns were used during the US Open coach competition.

They are available here: us-open-patterns.tar.gz  

AUT Open Patterns

These patterns used during the AUT Open coach competition. These patterns are not created using coachable players. So, the CLang rules are not available. Patterns are suggested by Ahmad Nikabadi.

Get them from:

Suggested Patterns

These patterns are suggested by coach competition participants. You can suggest new patterns by sending a file containing the CLang statements, a short description of the pattern, and the name of the coachable team used to create the pattern, to the coach official mailing list

  1. Defenders mark the attacking opponents (Suggested by Sina Iravanian, June 09)
  2. Pattern and no-pattern in which strikers dribble the ball (Suggested by Ramin Fathzadeh, June 12)
  3. A pattern with .rcg log and corresponding no-pattern .rcg log. (June 29)

Organizational Materials

Offline Analysis

The sample scripts used for the  offline analysis phase (such as start script, killer and a sample "patterns.list" file) are available here.

Online Detection

A sample start script and killer used in the online detection phase.

Standard Coachables

Standard coachable players will be used during the RoboCup 2005 Coach competitions. Download the following package and make it. Please report bugs to Sina Iravanian. If you want to contribute in developing standard coachables, feel free to contact Sina Iravanian.

Standard Coachables Version 0.1

Standard Coachables Version 0.2 (some bugs fixed)

Standard Coachables Version 0.3 (minor changes + some bug fixes)

Standard Coachables Version 0.4


The clarification emails sent to list are available here. If you missed those emails, we strongly suggest you to read them.