Since I found more and more people from outside The Netherlands are visiting my website, I made an English version of the intro-page. Most of the rest of my site still is however still in Dutch. If you have specific questions to me, don't hesitate to mail me.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Faculty of science

Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem dynamic

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Bachelor Earth sciences

Master Earth Sciences

Mailto: John van Boxel


. John van Boxel

   Assistant professor at:

Bachelor Earth sciences
Master Earth Sciences
Faculty of Science
University of Amsterdam


Climate change and precipitation (mostly Dutch)
Dune formation (no website)

Climate reconstructions form pollen records

  Websites John van Boxel:

Precipitation research (in Dutch)
Cloud movies

Mastercourse climatology 2003 (in Dutch)
Mastercourse the global climate issue 2006

Mastercourse Google Earth & Climate Change 13 januari 2010 (in Dutch)

Meteorological Journals
Geomorphological Journals

Climate change, Green house effect, consequences (in Dutch)

  Other recomended sites:

website of the Dutch meteorological office(KNMI) (Mainly in Dutch)
 Weather forecasts for The Netherlands, recent events, explanations about weather and climate

Intergovernemental Pannel on Climate Change (United Nations organisatie) 
The IPCC Assessment Reports

Dutch society for professional meteorologists  

Society for meteorology and climatology (in DUTCH)

Weer Online
Weather Online: also contains links to radar and satellite images 

American Meteorological Society
World metorological organisation


The world fact book on the CIA website
Website with interesting information about most countries in the world,
including climate, demographic structure, political system, etc, etc.
Good American site (Patricia Michaels) about many climate and environmental problems

Map of the Science Park (does not yet show the new building)


More weather forecasts of the KNMI

Current weather conditions at

Amsterdam Schiphol