Jacco Vink

Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek & GRAPPA

                      Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Latest News

I am an associate professor, working in the field of high energy astrophysics. I am located at the Astronomical Institute Anton Pannekoek at the University of Amsterdam and I am a member of GRAPPA.

My research focusses on cosmic ray acceleration by supernova remnants, but I am also interested, and have published on, other aspects of supernova remnants, and on isolated neutron stars, magnetars, pulsar wind nebulae, clusters of galaxies and AGN.

Research group members

Sjors Broersen (PhD student)

Dr Alexandros Chiotellis

Past group members

Dr Klara Schure

Eveline Helder

Daria Kosenko

PhD theses supervised

Klara Schure, Supernova remnants as particle accelerators and probes of the circumstellar medium (6/2010)

Eveline Helder, Cosmic-ray acceleration in supernova remnants (9/2010)

Group member Alexandros Chiotellis obtained his PhD on December 16, 2013!

The thesis he defended was entitled “The interaction of Type Ia supernovae with their circumstellar medium”.

It is a pleasure to congratulate Alexandros with the successful defense of his thesis, and to thank him for five years of collaboration (and hopefully more to come.

Personal stuff: my old page with New York photos (including the Brooklyn rainy wedding) can be found here.