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Updated: I am co-teaching the course Mathematical Structures in Logic (fall 2011) together with Alessandra Palmigiano.

About Me

I am a researcher in theoretical computer science, a wannabe musician, a free software and free culture lover. But over all, I am a travelling salesman.
I did my Ph.D. in Pisa, under the supervision of Ugo Montanari. I have been a postdoc in Madrid (UCM) during 2009, and now I am a postdoc in Amsterdam (ILLC) working with Yde Venema.

To see how busy I am at the moment, you can take a look at my public calendar.

You can reach me by e-mail: vincenzoml at gmail com


Image1 My research interests include nominal calculi, modal logics, coalgebras and category theory, service oriented computing. I've been a coder, and I still am to a certain degree.

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Free software

Image1I strongly believe in the ideas behind free software and free culture in general, and prefer to use free software for whatever I do. I even wrote some free software myself.

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Image1 In my few spare time, I play the bass and the guitar, and am a wannabe drummer. I would love to play jazz, but I am just a newbie there. Otherwise I play everything that I can.

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