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About the UX-Lab

The UX-Lab is currently moving to a new location at Science Park 904. It is designed to be used for research and demonstrations within the Informatics Institute. It is especially aimed at hosting experiments with users interacting with multimedia and mobile technology.

Users of the lab can make use of digital video cameras, tripods, internet, tables, robots, and touch screen devices. Robots that are currently in the institute's inventory are the iCat, the Ozbot, the Pleo dinosaur, the WowWee humanoid, the AIBO, and several Nao humanoids.
Beamers, lighting, game controllers, and room dividers are on the wishlist of things to be included to the inventory in the future. Smartphones may also be available for testing mobile applications.
The lab also houses comfortable couches and a coffee table, to welcome your participants, or to do experiments in a living room-like setting.


Who can use the lab?

Reservations for the lab can be made by any staff member, postdoc, PhD student, or Master's student of the Informatics Institute at the UvA.
Bachelor students may also be able to use the lab, but have to contact their supervisor to make the reservation.
Other people who are interested in using the lab should contact the lab manager.


Instructions for making lab reservations

Note: during the move, not all of the lab facilities may be available.

A reservation for the lab is made in one of the following ways: In both cases, make sure to enter the following information: In case you would like to make a reservation at a time that has been reserved already, you can contact the person who made the earlier reservation to negotiate. In principle, however, whoever books first, gets the lab.

If you don't have physical access to the lab, you should ask the secretary (or your supervisor, in case you're a Master's or Bachelor student) to grant you access to the lab (C3.201). Make sure to do this a few days in advance, because it may take 24 hours before your access rights are updated.


Reservations calendar

The calendar below shows all currently known reservations. The version shown here is read-only. If you want to make a reservation, see the instructions for making a reservation.


Pictures of the UX-Lab

Design of rear projection setup (top view).

Design of rear projection setup (front view).

Lab rules


Useful links


Lab Manager

Lab manager: Anders Bouwer.

Contact the lab manager by email in case you have any questions about the lab: a.j.bouwer AT


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